Implement the Steam Inventory Service into your game!
The Steam Inventory Service allows players to enable persistent items that have been purchased or unlocked, without requiring special services. These items can be traded to other players, or sold on the Steam Marketplace.


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    Item Drops

    Add random item drops into your game

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    Keys & Crates

    Implement keys & crates (or similar mechanisms) using the item exchange feature

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    Use the plugin to implement consumables, including virtual currencies

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    Microtransactions & Item Store

    Make your items purchasable through the Steam Item Store

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    Item Rarities

    Define item rarities with unique colors, names and drop rates

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    Marketplace & Trading support

    Enable Steam Trading & Steam Marketplace support in your game

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    Use all the Inventory Service functionality in Blueprint

Interested in the plugin?

The Steam Inventory Service plugin is currently in beta.
If you are interested in using the plugin for your title, please contact us!