Gameplay Evolution in BlastPoints

When BlastPoints went live we received some interesting feedback: for every feature people loved, other things would hold users back. A few things had gotten in the way of a clean development process with the foremost issue being ironically the most simple; our team had never before independently developed a project from scratch through to completion.

Developing BlastPoints for Android

When BlastPoints was in the early stages of development we, like many game developers, were targeting both iOS and Android platforms for a simultaneous release. Our goal was to have a similar experience across both platforms - the same game, same mechanics, and visuals that were almost indistinguishable between platforms.

BlastPoints Dev Blog #1

After evaluating our initial release of BlastPoints, one thing that we at Pub Games feel didn't handle well was keeping the community up to date with progress of the game. Going forward, we want to engage our players and community, and with BlastPoints now released with an established player base, we feel an even stronger obligation to keep players up to date with what's coming next.